Your customers will benefit from our experience

Style without compromise

If you specialise in custom-builds, then you want to do everything possible to uphold the architectural integrity of each home.

You also want to ensure your clients fall in love with living spaces you’ve created.

At Mod Cons we believe that style should never come at a cost. And we believe that every client deserves style and comfort - in equal measure.

Mod Cons is Australia’s most experienced small-duct system installer - the most versatile, compact and efficient solution on the market.

Seamless solutions every time

Mod Cons doesn’t just install heating and cooling systems. We create solutions.

  • Extensive experience in all aspects of builder requirements
  • Accurate and reliable design and job costing
  • Commitment to installation excellence
  • Commercial OH&S and work standards on all sites

Mod Cons can also coordinate all aspects of your project including design, production, liaison, installation and after-care service.

To find out why Melbourne’s most reputable custom builders and architects choose Mod Cons, contact us today or call 1300 555 933.