We cater to all types of plans and builders

Every project matters

Whether you’re a volume builder, a boutique builder or something in between, Mod Cons understands your needs. And we have the experience to meet them.

At Mod Cons we don’t simply ‘get the job done’ and move on. We go above and beyond to give each project the attention it deserves - no matter the size or budget.

Attention-to-detail you can rely on

Servicing many of Greater Melbourne’s Top 20 builders, Mod Cons focuses on:

  • smart system design for maximum long-term efficiency
  • strict quality control and safety procedures
  • adherence to best practice specifications and regulations (including BCA and PIC)
  • superior ducting (Rt1.15 for gas ducted and evaporative cooling and up to Rt1.65 for refrigerated cooling)

Mod Cons can also coordinate all aspects of your project including design, production, liaison, installation and after-care service.

To find out why Melbourne’s most reputable off-the-plan builders choose Mod Cons, contact us today or call 1300 555 933.