Mod Cons Raises the Bar

We won’t gamble with your reputation

At Mod Cons we know that the heating and cooling partner you choose reflects directly on your reputation as a builder, architect or developer.

That’s why you deserve to work with people you can trust. People who care as much as you do.

Mod Cons won’t compromise your integrity. We do everything in our power to deliver maximum performance and efficiency - while upholding the high standards of your project.

Experienced and adaptable

We’ve designed over 40,000 successful heating and cooling solutions. Our knowledge and skills cross all areas - and we confidently work with all types of builders, buildings, budgets, brands and systems.

Mod Cons is your ideal partner for off-the-plan builds, custom or high-end projects - and everything in between.

We find solutions that others can’t

With over 35 years’ experience, we know there’s a solution to every problem. And we believe it’s our job to find it.

When others might other tell you something’s ‘impossible’ or ‘good enough’, Mod Cons will just be getting started.We work smarter and harder to find a solution no matter what - always maintaining the highest of standards. 

Small-duct specialists

Have you heard the buzz around small-duct heating and cooling solutions?

Well, believe everything you’ve heard. Because they really are the world’s most versatile, compact and efficient heating and cooling systems.

As Australia’s leading small-duct specialist, Mod Cons has installed hundreds of small-duct systems with outstanding results. We’ll guide you every step of the way - with expert advice you can rely on.

To find out why Melbourne’s most reputable builders, architects and developers choose Mod Cons, contact us today or call 1300 555 933.