Why every building requires a bespoke heating and cooling solution / by MARKO IVANKOVIC


Every client and every building is different, so Mod Cons’ solution to every project is different too. But no matter what the heating and cooling requirements are, our approach is always the same: methodical, comprehensive and customised. Tailored for specific design aesthetics, practical engineering and day-to-day operation, our process delivers the perfect interior environment every time.

We begin with detailed meetings with architects and customers to determine the system requirements, architectural vision and usage needs. Working with architects early in the process enables us to conceal the system within the structure of the building and to integrate all components so they are as invisible as possible. At Prestige by Simonds Family, a brand-new luxury home in Toorak, each grill mimics the geometry of the room: round grills to complement curvatures and linear grills to match straight walls. We also used white Wi-Fi thermostats to blend with the interior finishes, and integrated bathroom exhausts with the heating and cooling grills in wet areas.

Sophisticated modelling is applied to calculate heat load capacity and systems are installed in their optimum location, taking accessibility and compliance into account to minimise visual impact to the architecture and environment. If local products don’t satisfy the requirements, we search the globe for specialised equipment and custom design and manufacture components to be unobtrusive. In a luxurious home in Brighton, for example, we identified the basement as the most suitable location due to overlays on the site, and sourced equipment from Italian and German manufacturers to meet the project requirements.

Of course it’s the end user – homeowners, customers and tenants – who truly feel the effects of the heating and cooling systems, so we undertake comprehensive interviews with clients to establish their expectations, needs and usage patterns, such as season, zoning and remote access. At a project such as shared workspace Terre A Mer, this means that the tenants never have to touch the heating or cooling controls – the system optimises the air temperature when they enter a space and switches back to a more economical setting when they leave. We also ensure our solutions take potential owners and changes in usage into account, so that the system can run at higher or lower levels as needed.

Aesthetic integrity and thermal comfort are driving forces behind our heating and cooling systems, and we draw on our expertise, experience and access to world-leading products to design a bespoke solution every time.